Exquisite Handmade Putters

from Maui Hawaii

        Scientifically designed

to improve your putting

Pure roll + soft feel

for distance 

Wobble and twist 

free balance for direction

Bamboo and Brass Workmanship

offers the best feel and

performance in Golf 


How it works?

How it works?

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Right or left hand
  • Conventional style
  • Arm-lock putting
  • Side-saddle putting
Rules of Golf Conformant

Exquisitely Beautiful

Handmade on Maui

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A work of art ...
Designed and Balanced by an Engineer
Shaped and Polished by an Artist
Coated by a Surfboard Maker (link)
Tested/Approved by a Master PGA Professional

Music by Bruddah Derrick of Na Leo Pumehana