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Honu Putters are the brainchild of Mitch Bradley, an engineer, computer scientist, and near-scratch golf nut. Mitch finally decided to fix his own putting, which had never quite lived up to the rest of his game.  When intensive practice did not do the trick, he turned to what he knows best - science and engineering.  A process of scientific analysis, experimentation, testing, and consultation with PGA putting experts led, after many prototypes, to a design with phenomenal accuracy, unmatched feel, superb roll, and handcrafted beauty. The result was so satisfying that he was compelled to start a company so others could enjoy it.


Putting with a Honu is simply delightful. Putting practice becomes so much fun that it is hard to leave the putting green.

Honu (rhymes with So True) is the Hawaiian word for "Sea Turtle".  This lovely and majestic creature can often be seen in the waters surrounding the island of Maui, where our workshop is located.


We are always learning new things about the great game of golf, informed by our backgrounds in science, golf instruction, and daily play on the links. Subscribe to our blog to hear our latest insights. 




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