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Honu Lovers

Honu Lovers

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The review by Jack Kuykendall, golf's #1 scientific teacher, deserves its own page .

Jack Kuykendall

Scientific golf teacher

“I think I better return this, this thing cannot be legal, this is freaking amazing!”  "My first putt with it i made a 40 footer, which peeked the interest of the other guys"

Mark W

Sacramento, CA

I was just introduced to the Honu fitting and putter from Pro Matt Flenniken.

I’ve tried every drill known to man (for years)  to correct my pushing  and pulling .  I’ve had over 60 putters in search for correction.  I’ve spent thousands on short game schools too.  After 15 min with a Honu putter all my worries have been alleviated.  The science is correct I might add and I should know.  Can’t believe putting can be this fun, but I can believe this is the best and last putter I’ll ever need!

E.T. Moore

Physicist/Professor/9 handicap

Went out the first time to use my new Honu Putter. I played 12 holes, had 16 putts, missed 2 greens in Regulation and shot 5 under. The Honu rolls the ball like no other putter I have used, and I have over 30 putters. Scotty's, Oddessey, Ping, you name it. They are now obsolete when you put this club in your bag. Just aim it, and it will perform!!! I get excited now just wanting to get on the green and use it.

Dean Greene; Golf Pro/Roseville, CA

The other day I watched a group play on recently-aerated sanded greens.  The person with Honu Putter was consistently getting the ball to the hole because the ball was rolling well.  The other putters were usually short because the balls were hopping.

Mark Shimamura


Thanks for building an awesome putter. Love the way the ball rolls and the putter feels like butter when making contact with the ball.

Click here to see a video of my first test of the putter.

Kevin Uyeda (text and video)


The Honu transformed my putting.  I used to be a terrible putter.  I just had 12 putts in 9 holes, despite lip-outs on the last 2 holes!

Dennis Swift

Maui and England

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me ... it's a weapon!

Kelly Ray Mulholland


I love my Maui Made Honu 1 putter.  I bought it a week ago and wouldn't trade this putter for any putter on the market.  The bamboo putter surface has just the right amount of forgiveness and feel for any length putt.  And having the added bonus of having it fit just for me allows me to find the consistent roll I was lacking.  Now I am expecting to have numerous one putt greens and I do.

Lou Young


I just played nine holes with a couple of pros from the golf shop.  I had 10 putts for nine holes.  The new term is you've been hot HONU'ed.

Matt Flenniken

Golf pro and HONU clubfitter

It almost feels like cheating

A low handicapper

on first trying a Honu Putter

This thing gets the ball rolling immediately.  You're onto something.

Another low handicapper

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