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Tips for using a Honu Putter

  • Put the sole flat on the ground then "wrap yourself around it"

  • Experiment with different ball positions to find what rolls best

  • Maintain constant grip pressure in both hands - don't flip your wrists

  • Hit the ball where the T-line intersects for best results

  • Practice short putts first - 4 feet or less - to dial-in alignment

  • On long putts, be aware of roll.  You don't want the ball to hop.  If it is hopping the ball position is wrong.  You want to strike the ball at the bottom of your stroke.

  • Ask a friend to check your aim periodically

  • Don't "manipulate" the putter with your hands; trust your initial aim

  • Grip lightly to reduce tension

  • On uphill putts, ball more forward in stance for better roll

  • "Smoothly rolling" the ball is more consistent than "popping" it.  Spend some of each practice session focusing on a smooth roll.

Background Image Artist: Anarose Flenniken

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