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Shaft Prep for Fit Kit

If your Honu Fit Kit was shipped separately from its adjustable shaft, here's how to prepare the shaft.

Step 1: Cut the shaft to length.  The adjustable shaft is extra long so it can be adapted to putters with different hosel lengths.  The shaft tip must cut to the correct length so the adjustment scale reads accurately.  When used with a Honu fit Kit, the total putter length is 1/2" more than the shaft length.  In other words, the Angle Adapter installed in the putter head adds 1/2".

Adjust the shaft, using the wrench, so the reading is 36".  Then trim the shaft tip so the total length is 35.5" - 1/2" less than the length scale reading.  It is important to trim the tip (small) end, not the butt end, otherwise the trimmed butt end might be too short for the grip.

Step 2: Epoxy in the threaded shaft tip plug.  The plug, with its screw inserted, looks like this:

Coat the outside with shafting epoxy and insert it into the tip end of the (already cut to length) adjustable shaft:

Leave the screw in while gluing, to give you something to hold onto.  Be careful not to glue the screw into the threaded hole.  Here is what it looks like after the epoxy has set and the screw has been removed:

Step 3: Install the grip.  The standard grip for the Fit Kit is Lamkin Sink 13" Rounded.  The Fit Kit uses the 13" version of that grip instead of the 11" version, so the golfers can move their hands up or down easily while working out the best length.

If you install the grip with compressed air, first wait for the epoxy on the threaded plug to set, and put in the screw to keep the air from escaping.

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