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Thinking on Putting

Today's blog post is a guest contribution from Matt Flenniken. Matt is a PGA golf teacher, a pioneer in the area of custom clubfitting, and a Honu Putter Master Fitter. His putting has always been outstanding, but now that he uses a Honu Putter, it can only be described as phenomenal. Here's what Matt has to say:

Thinking on PUTTING

By Matt Flenniken PGA

THE most important portion of golf is that of putting, as this section of the game accounts generally for the majority of strokes taken with any single club.

It is therein logical to see that one’s putter should be that of a caliber and fit to promote one best effort. It is literally the most important of all clubs.

After thirty plus years of teaching at a rate of 2000 plus lessons per year, it is with no doubt that I state that the amount of players using a putter that have the aforementioned characteristics is very rare. The random or poorly made or ill-suited putter is so very common, regardless of price.

The grand majority of avid golfers would enjoy the game and score the game considerably better with a tool in hand that helped rather than hindered.

As a teacher of note it is not my desire to teach compensations or be limited by the club whilst with a student during instruction time.

There are the issues of distance control and accuracy; the reading the borrow and the grain of grass, grip pressure and steadiness, optics and feel and countless other vital components to becoming a very good putter. These are all best served with a Honu in hand. I say this not lightly.

Proper training in this art one would think be easy as it is not compounded by strength or lack of, but is much about judgment and knowledge and time spent wisely.

Great putting is within most every player’s ability, and all things are related; how could one have proper target awareness without training of ones eyes to see the alignment from club face to hole. How could one obtain alignment with a putter that would not allow it. How could one keep the ball rolling correctly with a club that had too much or to little loft or even if the grip was placed on the club askew or a bend in the shaft that allowed twisting through impact.

The teacher will help your learn green reading and to judge and train for proper distance control; how to practice for perfection with intention and attention. But, at some point headway can only be and best be made with a putter that suits one well and has the attributes based on science to assist ones best effort.

The Honu Putter once fitted and obtained is in my estimation the best of breed. It is different and in this case a very good different. My field testing and fitting of the Honu, my extensive experience with club innovation, club building and club fitting systems, equipment science and teaching has brought forth an insight that having a Honu putter is the best tool for the job, the best experience, full stop!

Matt Flenniken

Former PGA Teacher of the Year

Former PGA Club Fitter of the year thice.

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